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Custom Golf Club Labels

What It Is.

Our custom golf club labels, are simply stated; custom. Mygolfclublabel.com is a leading consumer golf club label company specializing in the design, marketing, and distribution of customized golf club labels.

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Custom Golf Club Label

Why Tempt Fate?

Golf club labels by mygolfclublabel.com set the standard for style and quality.

You can order your set of labels right here, and have them on your clubs in time for your next round of golf. Why tempt fate?


Our custom name labels for golf clubs feature a bold black or colored font, that help you distinguish your clubs from others at a glance. These golf club tags won't wear off if they get wet. This means if you are playing in the rain, or if your club accidentally falls in the water, you can ensure your golf club name tags will still be there.

We know how important and expensive your clubs are. It is important that you can quickly identify them. Our golf club name labels also help your clubs find their way back home if, for some reason, they get misplaced.

Why take the chance with your clubs? Why not use our premium quality identification labels that adhere securely to your clubs? Our name labels will not scratch or fade. These are simply the highest quality and most attractive name tags for golf clubs on the market.

MyGolfClubLabel.com specializes in the custom design and distribution of unique golf club shaft name tags. With seven different colors, you can find a label that matches your style.

You can order your set of golf club name id tags right here, and have them on your clubs in time for your next round of golf. Why tempt fate when a few minutes can save you hundreds of dollars? Don't take a chance with your golf clubs getting lost; get yours back with genuine name labels for golf clubs by mygolfclublabel.com. We'll help you to never lose a golf club again.